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Australia Direct Mail & Bulk Mailing Marketing Services

Bulk and direct mailing services made EASY
Based in Melbourne, distributing across Australia

Experts in targeted direct mail marketing including AUS letterbox distribution, and real estate marketing, specialist invoice mailing solutions, business printing, end-to-end fulfilment & more

Direct Mailing & Marketing

We help businesses to connect and engage with new and existing customers, across Australia
We’ll boost your sales, generate awareness and target specific audiences to help build your brand

Direct Mail

We understand the importance of connecting and engaging with a target market. We're trusted by leading brands Australia-wide to fulfil & distribute, with efficiency and accuracy

Bulk Mail

A powerful, cost-effective marketing tool for a range of business objectives, we have the perfect range of bulk mailing solutions to meet your marketing and sales objectives

Invoice Mail

Optimise your cash cycle with our user friendly and cost-effective invoice mailing outsourcing solutions; ensure customers are invoiced consistantly, professionally and on time

Business Printing

A comprehensive range of business printing solutions to suit a variety of objectives and budgets. Learn more about our business-centric, 24 hour (and quicker) printing services

Data Solutions

15+ year experts in ensuring campaigns connect and engage with the right customer at the right time. Get the greatest return on investment for both time and money

Envelope Printing

First impressions count! All of your marketing materials, right down to the envelopes you use, should reflect how you want to be seen. Learn about our cost-effective envelope printing

Printing machines

Trust The Experts

Established over 15 years ago, Direct Mail Solutions are trusted by industry-leading brands to manage their direct mail campaigns – across Melbourne and Australia.

We have experienced, specialist staff overseeing a range of mailing and printing solutions, from one-off projects to recurring, end-to-end fulfilment incorporating all printing, targeting and mass letterbox distribution.

Whether you need help mailing out subscriptions and invoices, launching direct mail campaigns, printing envelopes or accessing the right customer database for your target market, then you’ve come to the right place.

Direct & Bulk Mail
Envelope Printing & Production
Business Printing

We’re proud to have committed to our vision of being a fully inclusive business; striving to consistently maintain an inclusive culture and positive space for our team of direct mail marketing specialists to work in – day in day out.

Our suite of highly optimised mailing services is not only user-friendly,  but cost-effective; with efficiency, accuracy and value at the very core of our ethos.

Armed with years of experience in generating engagement, raising awareness and boosting sales for businesses both large and small, we have the vision, scalable resources and foresight to manage any and all mailing campaign needs.

Regardless of whether you need an expert to collate and analyse your customer mailing lists for a greater return, or require a trustworthy and reputable team of direct mail professionals to plan, produce and fulfil a project end-to-end, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Customer Focussed

Looking for a direct mailing service that puts its customers first and provides class-leading service across Melbourne, Australia and internationally?

Put your business in the safe hands of Direct Mail Solutions – the business printing and mailing professionals


Our Melbourne mail house has the capacity, equipment and specialists to handle every element of your direct mail campaign; efficiently and cost-effectively.

We guarantee to save you both time and money when you outsource any direct, bulk, or invoice mail to us. And our business and envelope printing, completed in often less than 24 hours, will always be accurate and exceeding expectation

Values & Vision

Direct Mail Solutions are committed to providing the greatest level of quality, value, efficiency and user-friendly solutions for our customers. 

Whether you own a small business and have better things to do than fold mail and argue with problematic printers, or work for a large corporation regularly sending bulk mail to a database strategy.. we make direct mail hassle-free and frictionless.

Direct Marketing

Take your direct mail marketing strategy to new heights with our end-to-end services

The key to any successful marketing campaign is reaching the right people, at the right time.

We are experts in providing highly targeted database solutions that have been designed to help you to reach the right demographic.

Learn about our full range of mailing and printing solutions.

We will be with you every step of the way, developing and tailoring your marketing campaign to meet your bespoke business needs.


We work hard to understand the needs and expectations of your target market so we can deliver specific messages to customer groups, adhering to a demographic, behaviour or buying profile.

We provide end-to-end direct mail marketing for both temporary and ongoing mass mailing campaigns.

We offer various optional services such as graphic design, copywriting, and editing as well as integration with online technologies via our several strategic partners.

Trust us, you’re in safe hands!

Once you’re 100% happy with your mailing list and strategy, we’ll take care of all printing and packaging requirements; delivering a targeted call to action directly to your audience’s mailbox.

Trust us, you’re in safe hands!

Our range of mailing services & printing capabilites...

Mailing & Distribution

Mail & Distribution

We have a comprehensive range of mail and distribution services to meet every demand

Business Printing Solutions

Printing Services

Cost-effective business printing solutions to suit objective, deadline & budget

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Australia direct mailing & marketing solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

From our experience and calculations, most businesses find that it’s far more cost effective to have us manage their mail for 500 units or more.

Many of our clients have also been able to reduce their costs by using our services for smaller direct mailing jobs.

Microsoft Excel, Comma delimited, CSV or Access files are all acceptable.

We are happy to sign confidentiality agreements if your work is of a sensitive nature.

If your database has been sent via USB we return it promptly upon completion of job.

If it has been emailed, we delete & destroy all information upon completion of your job.

Upon receipt of all items and databases we are able to have most jobs processed and lodged the next business day.

In order to facilitate a more accurate and speedier delivery of mail, Australia Post has developed a barcoding system.

It gives companies access to the pre-sort delivery system, effectively reducing postage costs.

For a small letter you may be able to save as much as 12.6 cents per item, even more for large letters.

Yes. We have a range of data solutions including a data input service and we also are able to de-duplicate lists.

That depends on the type of mail, the weight of the finished product and the amount being sent. Contact our friendly team and we will advise you on the best solutions for your needs and desired business outcomes.

Yes. We are able to procure lists that will suit almost any criteria, and also rent out mailing lists on request.

Yes. We are able to fold and collate material in a variety of sizes. We can handle all manner of special, tailored mailing tasks including individual inserts, special packaging etc.

We accept EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, Amex & Diners Club credit cards.

Paul D'Arcy

Direct Mail Specialist

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