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What Is Letterbox Distribution?

How many emails have you deleted without even opening them? How many social media posts have you scrolled past without even glancing at them?

We’re overloaded with information online every single day. After a while, it becomes easy to just tune out stuff that doesn’t interest us immediately. 

Which is why letterbox distribution and mailing is such an effective way of getting interested eyes on your products, services, or business. 

Of course, digital marketing is necessary. We actually highly recommend being on social media so you can target the right people more specifically and have the best chances of making sales. 

But don’t make the mistake of underestimating physical advertising. There’s huge power in handing someone a piece of paper with your offer and your details on it.

And the best way to get that into people’s hands? Drop it off right at their front door.

Flyer Letterbox Distribution 

Flyers are used to promote a specific event, sale, or discount.

They are one page and may feature bright, eye-catching images, and are designed to get your customer to take the next step. 

Pamphlet Letterbox Distribution

Pamphlets are printed on folded paper like catalogues but are much shorter.

They are used to provide more extensive information about the products and services you sell. 

Leaflet Letterbox Distribution 

Leaflets are generally used to promote a specific product or service and tend to be made from high-quality materials.

They are usually brief but well designed and may be fairly affordable to mail. 

Why Direct Mail is an Excellent Marketing Strategy

Advertising on social media is great for reaching potential customers in a wide target area. But what if your target market is local? Is social media advertising even worthwhile? 

While we definitely recommend using social media to market your business, we also strongly suggest running a letterbox distribution and mailing campaign. It’s by far the most direct way of getting your offers and business information in front of local community members. 

Whichever social media platform you use to market yourself, there’s a high chance that your audience isn’t even seeing your ads. All social media platforms use detailed algorithms which operate using a variety of parameters. These mean that your content can easily be missed. 

Letterbox distribution and mailing, on the other hand, is uncomplicated. The chances of your piece of mail being lost in a crowd of other content is virtually non-existent. 

If your mail is aesthetically pleasing and interesting, while providing valuable information, chances are good that it will be read. From there, it will land up on the fridge or a nearby counter, where it can be seen and read every time someone walks past. 

If your target market is the local community, a letterbox distribution and mailing campaign is an excellent choice of marketing. 

The best news? Letterbox distribution and mailing is high up on the list of cost-effective ways to market yourself or your business

Will Direct Mail Work for Me?

Unsure if this kind of marketing is effective?
Check out these interesting stats, released by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and Data and  Marketing Association (DTA)

1 %

People who open mail addressed directly to them on the same day

1 %
Digital Marketing

Those who put directly addressed mail aside to open later

1 %

Increase in mail-driven online action between 2019 and 2020

Letterbox distribution and mailing is highly cost-effective. So when you consider these stats, it adds up to a surprisingly great ROI.

Whether it works for you depends on things like your mail design, its content, and the target market you’re aiming it at. But that’s where our knowledge comes in.

We’ll help you structure your campaign to get results from your piece of mail. 

Letterbox Distribution & Mailing Australian Capital Territory

Worried about the work involved in setting up a letterbox distribution and mailing campaign in Australian Capital Territory? We’re here to help with everything!

We’ve been in the field for a good long while now. We’ve got up-to-date industry knowledge, and we know what works well and what just doesn’t do it. When we work together, we put that wisdom into your campaign to give you the absolute best chance of huge success

From the beginning of an idea to handing it off to someone at their front door, we’ve got you covered. We offer: 

  • Design of your flyer, brochure, or catalog 

  • Printing, folding, and packing of your mail 

  • Targeted distribution in your chosen area 

  • Unbundled delivery always 

  • Delivery monitoring or tracking 

If you’re keen on doubling your chances of making sales, let us do your digital marketing for you too. Double it up with your letterbox distribution and mailing campaign, and you can supercharge your outreach!

What We Need From You?

We’re a team, so while we’re going to walk you through your letterbox distribution and mailing campaign every step of the way, we do need your input! 

We can do any necessary design work without any information from you. But we can’t just write any old content. Here’s what you’ll need to provide if we move forward together: 

  • A highly appealing offer
  • An indication of what content you’d like in your leaflet
  • An idea of the area you’d like to target
  • Brand colours, fonts, and other relevant information 
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