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Dental Marketing Services

A specialist in dental marketing, Direct Mail Solutions will help you to get new patients and grow your practice.​

Direct Mail Solutions has over 15 years’ of experience providing dental marketing services across Australia, including highly-effective printed marketing collateral such as brochuresleaflets, signage and stationery. 

We have the resources to provide the comprehensive design, print, and distribution of any marketing.

People will always need tooth care. 

Not many of us can fix cavities at home, no matter how much we floss! But despite the fact that as a dentist, you’ll always have work, you still need to market yourself effectively in order to bring in the right clients and turn them into repeat customers. 

Designing, Printing & Letterbox Distribution Solutions for Dentists

Your brand is your online face. The truth is, nobody looks for a dentist in the phone book anymore! They’re either being referred by friends or family or they’re looking you up online. Branding is what makes you stand out. But there’s something else that many dentists forget when it comes to marketing themselves – the quality of their marketing materials. 

Poor quality flyers imply poor quality service. And if you as a dentist already have a bad reputation due to terrible quality mail.. Well, you could be losing out on patients before they even know anything about your business. 

With an in-house team of designers, marketers, printing experts, and the latest, best technology, here at DMS we have the experience and the resources to you need. We produce a wide range of premium yet cost-effective products, from informational brochures and signage for your practice to business cards, stationery and promotional materials. Or anything else you might need! 

From concept to printing, our experts can help with effective dental marketing. 


The truth is, many patients are afraid and slightly embarrassed to ask their dentist about questions they may have. Which is why having educational brochures for your patients is such a great idea. You’re answering their questions and informing them of your other services at the same time. 

Brochures get taken home. Stuck on the fridge. Shared with partners. Given to others. Brochures are regarded as an integral part of a dentist’s marketing strategy, and we’re here to help you create the perfect ones. 

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Signs catch attention. How often have you driven past a sign that caught you eye and thought “I must take that number down for when I need a…”? 

Your sign not only catches people’s attention as they walk/drive past, but it directly reflects your brand. And if it’s outside your practice, you should invest in high-quality signage if you want it to hold up to the elements. 

In summer, the heat can cause your signage to fade or crack. Poor quality signage may become soggy in rainy weather, or colours may run.  And an unattractive sign outside your practice can do more harm than good. 

Don’t make the mistake of spending money on signs that won’t last the season! At DMS, we’re committed to creating the best quality signage that can handle any weather. 

Large Format Printing

Business Cards​

Your business card is like a little bit of you that goes with your patient when they leave your practice. It reminds them who you are, what you do, and that they need to come back for dental checkups every so often! 

Sure, you could give them a boring little piece of paper with their next appointment on it. But what if you created a card that stands out from the crowd and demands to be seen and remembered? How might your business change? 

If your prospect needs more dental work at a later stage or has a dental emergency, your business card on their fridge also means they won’t need to shop around. You’ll be top of mind. 


Banners are excellent pieces of marketing material that have a huge variety of versatile uses. Conferences, networking events, or even just to draw attention outside your practice… The applications are many. 

Having eye-catching banners printed is never a bad marketing move. Even if you don’t use them every day, they’re well worth having in storage for when you need something a bit different to your regular material. 

Banner Printing


Branded stationery is always a good idea. We’re not just talking about your private stationery like letterheads and branded invoices, either. 

If you want to be memorable in the eyes of potential patients, consider giving them a small branded notepad as a gift. Not only is it useful, but it means every time they jot something down, they’re looking at your logo and name. That sticks… And when they do need dental treatment, they don’t have to go far to find a dentist! 

Do the same for existing patients or even suppliers. It’s a nice touch and keeps you on the top of people’s minds. 

Direct Mail Marketing​

An impactful, well-designed piece of direct mail can do wonders for your marketing campaign. People respond to visual stimuli, so don’t underestimate the power of a happy smiling picture on a piece of mail! 

Dental services are local, so a targeted mail campaign is never a bad idea. Expand your reach and promote your services to a broader audience; we can even help target your campaign through mailing list rental.

Whether it’s flyers, leaflets, pamphlets, postcards, or even newsletters – we’re here to help. 

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