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We have the Perfect blend of the best bulk & mass out mailing services

Here at Direct Mail Solutions, we handle all of your regular billing, invoice mailouts, newspaper and magazine subscriptions, any marketing materials, even sending bulk letters. Our clients include newsagents, real estate agents, online retailers, and member associations – you’ll be in safe hands.

We ensure your bulk mail is printed, personalised, packaged and delivered according to your exact specifications, and most importantly – on time, every time.

Expand your reach

The main objective of any direct mail initiative is to reach as many (of the right) people as possible – bulk mail is the perfect way to do this

Cost effective

It’s common knowledge that one of the main advantages of bulk mail solutions is that they are extremely cost effective

Return On Investment

Direct mail is one of the best methods of direct marketing and continues to provide a healthy return on investment

Professional bulk mail services

We invest in the latest printing and sorting technology to ensure our processes are as efficient and as cost-effective as they can be – we then pass our cost savings onto our clients to ensure a healthy ROI for all bulk mailing campaigns is achieved.

Our suite of mail and distribution solutions is highly optimised; all you need do is supply your customer targeting needs, and we’ll put together a custom mailing solution to guarantee your mail reaches its destination, accurately and on time.

Bulk mail is mainly used for marketing and refers to mail that is distributed and processed in bulk, at reduced rates.

Bulk mail may consist of mass leaflets, flyers, letters, newsletters, pamphlets, brochures and similar items.

Yes, you will have access to detailed databases with up-to-date customer information.

This means that you will always be able to target and connect with the right people, at the right time.

Bulk mail reaches a larger audience, increasing awareness and, in turn, sales.

Because bulk mail deals with larger volumes, oprinting and distribution discounts are available when compared to direct mail.

Tangible mail is significantly more likely to be read and responded to, leading to a healthy return on investment.

Why choose Direct Mail Solutions for your bulk mail & distribution needs?

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