Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing is an effective way to drive new business, boost sales, and nurture relationships with existing customers.

Targeted Marketing

We can help your business build brand awareness, promote new products and services, get the word out about upcoming events and manage loyalty group communication via targeted direct mail marketing. We ensure you get the right message to the right audience at the right time.

direct mail marketing

Cost-effective & Measurable

Compared to other marketing channels direct mail marketing is a low-cost method with measurable results. At Direct Mail Solutions we have the industry know-how to maximise response levels and help you evaluate the results of your campaigns. We will work with you to manage and analyse your data in order to understand your customers and refine your next campaign so that every mail-out is more effective than the last and you are achieving the best possible ROI.

Data Solutions and Fulfilment Services

We can integrate our direct mail marketing with our data solutions and fulfilment services, meaning you can use Direct Mail Solutions to manage every stage of the customer relationship. We offer a highly customised service which allows us to adapt to your changing needs as your business grows.

Our Integrated Direct Mail Marketing services


Identifying your target market

We can provide you with database solutions, help you to segment your database and reach the right demographic for your mass mail marketing campaign.


Formulating a tailored marketing campaign

We will help you to develop highly targeted messages to people with specific buying profiles, and tailor different messages for different segments. We provide end-to-end direct mail marketing for both temporary and ongoing mass mailing activities.


Integration with a range of online & offline services

We offer various optional services such as graphic design, copywriting, and editing as well as integration with online technologies via our several strategic partners.


Printing and Distribution

We will take care of all your printing & packaging requirements, and deliver a targeted call to action directly to your target audience’s mailbox.