Shrink Wrap Services

Direct Mail Solutions is dedicated to providing reliable logistical solutions for direct mail products.

Melbourne Based Shrink Wrap Services

Protect your direct mail from the elements without compromising on aesthetics with our shrink wrap services. Direct Mail Solutions offers a comprehensive range of shrink wrapping solutions designed to suit the logistical requirements of virtually any mail product. We pride ourselves in providing quality, cost effective fulfilment services that are tailored to the needs of our clients.

Heat Application Technique

Transparent shrink wrap is a fantastic way to display your products, as it is not only makes products clearly visible, it is also heated to conform to the shape of your product and removes all of the unnecessary bulk traditionally associated with protective wrapping. The heat application technique also means that shrink wrap can be used for almost any kind of direct mail product, from promotional gifts, through to seasonal catalogues.

Reliable protection for every kind of direct mail product

Shrink wrapping is a simple yet cost effective way to ensure that print marketing reaches your target audience in pristine condition. It virtually eliminates damage related to moisture and dirt, so the product which arrives in the consumer’s mailbox is just as fresh and visually striking as it was when it rolled off the printing press. Shrink wrap provides even more protection from the elements as it reflects sunlight and keeps the product at a more consistent temperature, ultimately reducing instances of sweating and moisture build-up. The close wrapping also helps to preserve the print quality of products as it does not rub against the product whilst in transit.